Calibration pour une Mesure du SPL/LEQ

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Configuration des Options du Programme > Monitoring du SPL et du LEQ > Calibration pour une Mesure du SPL/LEQ

Calibrating for SPL in Smaart 7 is a straightforward matter. Simply click the Calibrate button in the Level Options Dialog or select Calibrate for SPL in the Options Menu to open the Amplitude Calibration dialog.


The Amplitude Calibration dialog is set up to allow you to calibrate multiple input channels. At the top of the dialog are pair of drop-list selectors for input device and channel selection. On the right is a signal level meter that shows you the current signal level for the selected channel relative to digital full scale. To the left of the meter are three text entry fields.


To calibrate an input channel using a Sound Level Calibrator or other reference signal source, simply drive the selected input channel at the reference signal level, click the Capture button to sample the signal and populate the Full Scale Signal Level field, then enter whatever value you want to call that signal level in the Calibrated Level field and click the Apply button. Smaart 7 will then calculate and display the necessary Calibration Offset and apply it to the selected input channel. You can also enter the Calibration Offset value yourself if you already know it.


After applying a calibration offset you can go on and calibrate additional input channels if you like. Simply select another channel you wish to calibrate and repeat the procedure above. When you're finished click the Done button to exit the dialog.